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Making every voice count in crucial decisions

At deliberAIde, we use artificial intelligence to enable inclusive dialogues at scale


Deliberative AI Technologies

We're tackling the challenges of groups making decisions together by combining artificial intelligence with deliberation—a facilitated and inclusive face-to-face dialogue aimed at mutual understanding and finding common ground.

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Deliberative AI technologies are applications of artificial intelligence that enhance and support collective dialogues and decision-making processes. They use generative AI for tool orchestration and for processing and generating diverse types of data, such as text, speech, or images, to make dialogues more inclusive, efficient, and insightful.

For example, deliberative AI technologies can help translate speech in real time, document and analyze group discussions and co-creative workshops, or make information more accessible through interactive chatbots. deliberAIde's AI tools are customizable and can be tailored to fit different dialogue formats and objectives, enhancing the inclusivity, efficiency and depth of dialogue-based decision-making.

Enhancing Collective Dialogues Across Sectors

We help public institutions, businesses, civic groups and facilitators involve diverse perspectives, reveal collective insights, and build widespread support for important initiatives.

We help public institutions and political parties improve and expand democracy with our AI technologies. Our tools let people talk in different languages, making public discussions more inclusive and diverse and make tasks like notetaking, summarizing, and reporting faster and easier. This helps create better policies and initiatives that people support, lets officials and facilitators focus more on managing discussions and including different views, and saves them time and money. Our AI tools also give deeper insights into dialogues, such as conflicts and disagreements, helping make better decisions and stronger agreements, and help connect and scale up dialogues, so more citizens can join the democratic process. 
We use AI to transform how businesses, cooperatives, labor unions and other private-sector organisations communicate with their stakeholders, such as employees, members, and communities. Our deliberative AI tools save our customers money by involving people, retaining staff, automating processes, and discovering opportunities. Our technology makes it easier to organize and moderate different types of dialogues, workshops, and consultations. This lowers costs and improves participation quality. Our AI tools also help overcome information and language gaps, and collect and analyze diverse opinions. This allows more stakeholders to join the dialogues without losing quality, boosting inclusivity and innovation by using collective intelligence effectively.  
Our deliberative AI technologies help NGOs, movements, and member associations engage more people and have better interactions. Tools like our AI interpreter enable real-time translation, making discussions more inclusive. Our AI analytics give deep insights into dialogues, showing different views and possible conflicts. This helps organizations working for social change use collective intelligence to create more innovative and widely supported initiatives. Also, our AI tools can overcome traditional barriers, reaching more people and sharing information across multiple dialogues. This way, we make sure that more people can join these important conversations, increasing the impact of civic organizations without losing the personal touch.
Our deliberative AI technologies help specialized service providers – companies, organizations, or consultants who organize, facilitate, and moderate participatory processes, dialogues, and co-creation sessions. Engagement, dialogue and co-creation experts can use deliberAIde to improve their services with our AI solutions that enhance the quality of participatory processes. They can make sure every participant's voice is respected and increase the quality of dialogues and co-creative workshops. Our tools overcome common challenges to participation, such as language and information barriers. They also provide real-time translation and AI-driven analysis that help facilitators collect and summarise diverse stakeholder views quickly. This leads to more inclusive and effective outcomes for their clients. Furthermore, our innovative and scalable tools allow these providers to reach more people. They can use our chatbot for ongoing participant support and information, and our tools for linking multiple dialogues, to involve a larger audience in the decision-making process.

Services and Products

We provide organizations across sectors with cutting-edge deliberative AI solutions to enhance their dialogue-based decisionmaking processes. Our offerings are customized to suit the specific needs of commissioners, organizers, and consultants involved in the planning, facilitation, and implementation of dialogue, co-creation and participation processes.

We offer a thorough assessment of our clients’ collaborative decision-making needs, creating custom solution ideas using our deliberative AI technologies. This makes sure our clients get strategies that match their objectives.
Using our 'AI Orchestration for Collective Dialogue’ toolbox, we provide custom orchestration, fine-tuning, and development of deliberative AI tools. Whether it's selecting existing AI tools, like ChatGPT, for specific tasks or building specialized chatbots and AI automations, we adapt our solutions to suit the unique requirements of your projects. 
In addition to software delivery and hardware consultation (including microphone and speaker technology), we provide comprehensive training and implementation support. This ensures the successful integration and use of our tools within your processes, guaranteeing a smooth and secure experience.

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Our Partners


Our Purpose

Boosting Democracy with Dialogue and AI.

At deliberAIde, we have a vision of reinvigorating democratic involvement by harnessing the synergy of deliberative democracy and artificial intelligence. We're dedicated to removing obstacles to participation, cultivating rich, informed dialogue, and expanding the inclusivity and equity of decision-making processes. By collaborating with public institutions, businesses, and civil society, we strive to build a more democratic, sustainable, and innovative future where every voice is listened to and respected. Together, we're not just taking part in democracy; we're improving it for everyone, everywhere.

Our Ethics and Public Interest Commitment

At deliberAIde, we are driven by our strong vision to enhance dialogue-based decision-making with deliberative AI technologies that match the public interest and follow the highest ethical standards. We commit ourselves to fostering inclusive and productive collective dialogues, making sure our technological innovations benefit the public good while adhering to the ethical principles of equality, fairness, transparency, accountability, and ecological sustainability.

We are committed to creating accessible, inclusive tools that ensure equitable participation in deliberations regardless of users' backgrounds or languages, addressing diverse needs across various contexts.
We commit to enhancing both internal and external deliberative stakeholder engagement and promoting participatory design processes that enable various stakeholders to shape our products and services, as well as those of our clients and partners.
As a profit-for-purpose company, we prioritize strengthening democracy through improved deliberative processes, with profits reinvested to serve our mission, thus placing ethical conduct, social impact, and public trust at the forefront.
We commit to the highest transparency standards in both AI system operations and business practices, ensuring accountability and fostering trust by clearly communicating the rationale behind decisions and system functionalities.

We are dedicated to continuously testing our tools through rigorous evaluation protocols to ensure that they are as safe, accurate, robust and unbiased as possible, thereby supporting fairness and representativeness in democratic processes.

We adhere to strict privacy standards to manage sensitive data responsibly, respecting user autonomy and upholding trust through careful data handling and use with respect to all our tools and operations.

We commit to maintaining diversity across our team to leverage varied perspectives for effective risk mitigation, responsible innovation, and comprehensive problem-solving.
We adhere to strict accountability standards, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and ethical norms and taking full responsibility for our decisions and their impacts in alignment with our ethical commitments and the public interest.
We are committed to minimizing the ecological impacts of our tools, and to minimizing our external dependence on non-renewable technologies and digital services.

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Our Team

Diverse Skills, United Purpose.

Our team has a variety of backgrounds and skills. We combine knowledge of democracy and participation, technical skills, user experience, business know-how and ethical AI to create solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also adhere to the values of democracy and public engagement.